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Whatever it is infinite what makes us well

We have made many efforts to make us best partners of our clients. Our team is most engaged to deliver solutions that representing a difference in the business we advise.

Mendes Barreto & Advogados
MB&A is a client business partner office, offering preventive legal services that deliver to client financial effective with operational and managerial cost savings, with detailed indicators and the goodwill. Founded in 2008, MB&A is focused in the business law, new technologies and the internet, consumer and contractual fields, was acting..

We have a human insight. We respect peoples. Place ourselves in another's shoes is one of our greatest qualities.

Ethic and Truth

In our market, these concepts have transformative force. We dedicate ourselves every day to highlight them.

Excellence and truth firstly

Providing the best experience to our clients is the headline target. Analysis and technical expertise guiding our working..